Brent Biglin

UX Research & Strategy, Conversation & Interaction Design

Portrait of Brent Biglin

I'm currently a UX Researcher for software in the Experience Design Group at Dell as a Principal Systems Development Engineer. My experiences in different professional roles throughout my life have fostered in me an instinct for when to apply time-tested and reliable principles, and when to shift the paradigm and challenge the status quo.

I utilize my interdisciplinary academic training to develop and validate human-centered information architectures and designs. Advocacy for and fostering understanding among and between people has been the common thread throughout my professional career.

To see what I mean, take a look at my Portfolio and my GitHub profile. For information about my education, qualifications, and experience, peruse my Resume.

I have directly observed Brent’s skill-set in regard to user research, both generative and formative, and usability testing including developing a detailed test plan, recruiting participants, setting up tasks and scenarios to ensure he’s measuring the desired aspects of the design, execution of the usability test, and presentation of both preliminary and final results.

Brent is more than fluent in all aspects and has an ample "skills toolbox." He is unique in that he has pursued, in parallel, knowledge in front-end development with the intention of being a better team mate when working with development teams. He has many years of industry experience which has helped him excel as a graduate student since he immediately finds ways to apply his academic learnings in an applied sense.

Eric Nordquist
Partner, Sentier Strategic Solutions, LLC
Clinical Associate Professor, UT Austin
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