Brent Biglin

UXPA 2017 Student Design Contest

At the UXPA 2017 Conference in Toronto, two classmates and I researched, designed, and prototyped a smart household assistant application called CacheCart in two and a half days.

We first explored the problem space of grocery shopping to find a pain point that we could improve: the waste of groceries.

Shopping cycle for groceries

We distributed an online survey that received 174 responses within a matter of hours and several qualitative in-person interviews with conference attendees. The data showed that shoppers are very concerned with saving money and reducing waste.

Selection of user research results

Therefore, we focused on expiration date notification in an intelligent and user-centered checklist. The application is accessible in that any action could be taken either by touching and typing or by voice. Based on user and stakeholder feedback, I iterated upon the design.

Comparison of CacheCart design before and after
Optional push notifications help users save money and provide monetization through promotions with grocery stores.
Screenshot of a promotional push notification

I created a prototype with Adobe XD, allowing us to conduct usability tests before our final presentation.

Screenshot of Adobe XD prototyping screen

The final presentation of our research, design, and prototype process earned us second place at the Student Design Competition. Presented here is the interactive prototype.